Tell Him

I'm scaredSo afraid to show I careWill he think me weakIf I tremble when I speakOooh - what ifThere's another one he's thinking ofMaybe he's in loveI'd feel like a foolLife can be so cruelI don't know what to do
I've been thereWith my heart out in my handBut what you must understandYou can't let the chanceTo love him pass you by
Should I
Tell himTell him that the sun and moonRise in his eyesReach out to himAnd whisperTender words so soft and sweetHold him close to feel his heart beatLove will be the gift you give yourself
Touch himWith the gentleness you feel insideYour love can't be deniedThe truth will set you freeYou'll have what's mean to be All in time you'll see
I love himOf that much I can be sureI don't think I could endureIf I let him walk awayWhen I have so much to say
Love is light that surely glowsIn the hearts of those who knowIt's a steady flame that growsFeed the fire with all the passion you can showTonight love will assume its placeThis memory time cannot eraseBlind faith will lead love where it has to go
Never let him go