One More Chance
oleh: Carly

Although our time has slipped away
Through our chances at a beautiful life
At first we seemed so happy to be together
My pain, my confusion, I had to hide
All the promises you've chosen not to keep
All the nights I've cried in my sleep
Everybody's telling me to leave you
Though I didn't know how
I guess I wasn't strong enough even though
I truly thought I was
I guess I thought I'd give you....

One more chance
To prove me wrong and mean what
You really say you do
No more of this pain I go through all the time
Believe me I get enough everyday
Baby take it for granted
When I give you one more chance

It's been over a year baby
Can you believe how far we've come
Why don't I feel any different from before
What went wrong along the way
I thought you'd make a change
All this pain I keep on hiding
I guess I'm not getting strong enough
Even though I'm thinking that way
I just hope someday
I can still give you......


Baby baby I don't know what to do
You make me happy then you make me cry
I don't wanna lose you, no
So make it easy and tell me why
I should give you one more chance
I can't take it anymore, just give me...


Make it easy and tell me why
I should give you one more chance....