Somewhere In Brooklyn

[Chorus:]She was covered in leather and gold21 years oldI lost her in the coldIt's unfair she's out thereSomewhere, somewhere, somewhere in BrooklynShe's somewhere, somewhere, somewhere in Brooklyn
[Verse 1]Little Ms. PerfectSitting at the train stopRed Nike high topsListening to hip-hopWhile we were waitingStarted conversatingBefore I got a nameAlong came a train
[Pre-Chorus:]oooooh, ooooohNext stop Brooklynooooh, ooooh,Now I'm lookin'
[Verse 2]On the street kicking rocksCircling the same blockGreen pointed flowersChecking every corner shopTapping people's shoulderAsking if they know herEveryday's the sameIt's back to the train
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhI wonder will we ever meet again[repeat 2 more times]
oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhI hope we doSomewhere in Brooklyn