To Love Let Go

It's written everywhereI've even read it in my scriptBut when I thought it wasn't fairI felt it on my lips, let goI don't wanna be the oneI think you already know, oh
The feeling of going down way too deepHolding onSo you won't lose your feetSometimes you just gotta trustYou gotta take that leapAnd let goGotta let go
I've got a feelingBy your look you're throughOh noWhat you're revealingI sit and prayAnd I will pull through, oh no yeah
When you let goOf all you've knownThe butterflies flyAnd you will see the rainbowsAnd all the loveEverything will be shownSo let goLet go
The touch of grassThe airThe sun it will riseYou will see so clearIt will bring tears to your eyesMaybe everything will be alrightSo let goYou gotta let go
I've got a feelingRight nowYou feel it tooOh, ohThis little songMight be the oneThat will tell us what to doOh, oh, ooh, ooh
These tears are overflowingAnd never knowing whyAll these years we've beenWe've been hurtingWe have to look insideAnd tryTo let go
You gotta let goTo love, you gotta let goIf you really wanna loveYou gotta let go