Nada Sambung Pribadi
(NSP / i-Ring / RBT)
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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Fren : 83030799

On Bended Knee

Darlin' I can't explainWhere did we lose our wayGirl it's drivin' me insaneAnd I know I just need one more chanceTo prove my love to youIf you come back to meI'll guaranteeThat I'll never let you go
Chorus:Can we go back to the days our love was strongCan you tell me how a perfect love goes wrongCan somebody tell me how you get things back The way they use to beOh God give me a reasonI'm down on bended kneeI'll never walk again until you come back to meI'm down on bended knee
So many nights I dream of youHolding my pillow tightI know I don't need to be aloneWhen I open up my eyesTo face realityEvery moment without youIt seems like eternityI'm begging you, begging you come back to me
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Baby, I'm sorryPlease forgive me all the wrong i've dovePlease come back home girlI know you put all you trust in meI'm sorry I let you downPlease forgive me girl
Gonna swallow my prideSay I'm sorryStop pointing fingers the blame is on meI want a new lifeAnd I want it with youIf you feel the sameDon't ever let it goYou gotta believe in the spirit of loveIt can heal all thingsWe won't hurt any moreNo I don't believe our love's terminalI'm down on my knees begging you pleaseCome home
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Wanna build a new lifeJust you and meGonna make you my wifeRaise a family