Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore
oleh: Bon Jovi

It might be hard to be loversBut it's harder to be friendsBaby, pull down the coversIt's time you let me inMaybe light a couple candlesI'll just go ahead and lock the doorIf you just talk to me babyTill we ain't strangers anymore
Lay your head on my pillowI sit beside you on the bedDon't you think its time we saySome things we haven't saidIt ain't too late to get back to that placeBack to where, we thought it was beforeWhy don't you look at meTill we ain't strangers anymore
Sometimes it's hard to love meSometimes it's hard to love you tooI know it's hard believingThat love can pull us throughIt would be so easyTo live your life
With one foot out the doorJust hold me babyTill we ain't strangers anymore
It's hard to find forgivenessWhen we just turn out the lightIt's hard to say you're sorryWhen you can't tell wrong from rightIt would be so easyTo spend your whole damn lifeJust keeping scoreSo let's get down to it babyThere ain't no need to lie
Tell me who you think you seeWhen you look into my eyesLets put our two hearts back togetherAnd we'll leave the broken pieces on the floorMake love with me babyTill we ain't strangers anymore
We're not strangers anymoreWe're not strangersWe're not strangers anymore