Do you want toRide in a big limousine?Tell me do you want toTake a little bite of the fame machine?If you wanna be discoveredAnd end up on the cover of every star-studded supermarket magazineYou can do itStick right to it.It could happen tonight.
[Chorus:]You wanna be famous. (famous)You wanna be the one who's living the life.You wanna be famous. (famous)You wanna be the one who's taking a free ride.
Do you want toCut to the front of the line?Baby, do you need toSee your name in lights just like the Hollywood sign?Come on, we gotta work harder.Fight the fight together.Take you to the top.We've got the winning team.It's your moment.You can own it.It's the American dream.
[Bridge:]All day.All night.The camera's on and it never lies.You're underThe spotlight.Twenty-four seven til the end of time.Whoa, oh.You wanna be famous.Whoa, oh.You wanna be famous.
You wanna be famous.
Your song is on the radio.Hot rotation video.Bright lights, fan mail.Paparazzi on your tail.Tour bus, private jet.Thinking big ain't failed you yet.Just one thing you can't forget.Takes more than just wanting it.Aim high, never rest.Put your passion to the test.Give your all, never less.Famous means that you're the best.