oleh: Beyonce

If you searchFor tendernessIt isn't hard to findYou can have the loveYou need to liveBut if you lookFor truthfulnessYou might justAs well be blindIt always seems to beSo hard to give
[Chorus:]HonestyIs such a lonely wordEveryone is so untrueHonestyIs hardly ever heardAnd mostlyWhat I need from you
I can alwaysFind someoneTo sayThey sympathizeIf I wear my heartOut on my sleeveBut I don't wantSome pretty faceTo tell mePretty liesAll I wantIs someoneTo believe
I can find a loverI can find a friendI can have securityUntil the bitter endAnyone can comfort meWith promises againI know, I know
When I'm deepInside of meDon't beToo concernedI won't askFor nothin'While I'm goneBut when I wantSincerityTell me where elseCan I turnBecauseYou're the oneThat I depend upon