Don't Want You Back

You hit me faster than a shark attackYou saw my pictureOn the Backstreet's Back, alrightAnd you were more than just a pretty faceBut how you fooled me, I'm still amazed babyBut I should have known that I would beAnother victim of your sexualityBut now we're done and over withI don't want you back
CHORUSDon't want you back'Cause you're no good for meI knowThat's all I can sayDon't want you backForgive my honesty but you gotta goI don't want you back
You started going out with so-called friendsBut I was blind and so I lost all common senseBut there were things that made me realizeLike all the hundred no, thousand lies
Baby, don't bother telling me your reasons why
Just let us sing this story 'bout you and IDon't want you backThat's all I knowDon't want you backAll I can sayDon't want you backYou know you gotta go