How Did We End Up Here?
oleh: B4-4

I let you go You did just the same We must have thought that we'd be Better off that way Now here we are Free to move on Searching just to find the love We both had all along
After all the words were said now I'm thinking we should just be friends
(( chorus )) How did we end up here? Didn't we say goodbye? I guess it took breakin' up To make us realize How did we end up here? I thought we couldn't work it out? It seems the circle of love Brought us back around
We acted strong We thought we tried our best To save what we had By giving up on all the rest It all just seems so clear At least at the time Convincing ourselves We were just doing what was right
After all those talks together Thought we gave up on forever
(( chorus ))
Sometimes the truest lies Are the ones we tell ourselves The very last time We said goodbye Inside we meant don't go
(( chorus ))
How did we end up here? How did we end up here? How did we end up here? Right back where we started?
(( repeat till fade ))