You Were Mine (Napanee Fest 2k2)

I Can't Find A Reason To Let GoEven Though You've Found A New LoveAnd She's What Your Dreams Are Made OfI Can Find A Reason To Hang OnWhat Went Wrong Can Be ForgivenWithout You, It Ain't Worth Livin' Alone
[Chorus:]Sometimes I Wake Up Crying At NightAnd Sometimes I Scream Out Your NameWhat Right Does She Have To Take Your Heart AwayWhen For So Long, You Were Mine
I Took Out All The Pictures Of Our Wedding DayIt Was A Time Of Love And LaughterHappy Ever AfterBut Even Those Old Pictures Have Begun To FadePlease Tell Me She's Not RealAnd That You're Really Coming Home To Stay
[Repeat Chorus]
I Can Give You Two Good ReasonsTo Show You Love's Not BlindHe's Two And She's Four, And You Know They Adore YouSo How Can I Tell Them You've Changed Your Mind
[Repeat Chorus:]
I Remember When You Were Mine