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Kode NSP / i-Ring / RBT
Indosat : 80033999

Journey ( Soundtrack At The Dolphin Bay )

It's a long long journeyTill I know where I'm supposed to beIt's a long long journeyAnd I don't know if can believeWhen shadows fall and block my eyesI am lost and know that I must hideIt's a long long journeyTill I find my way home to you
Many days I've spent driffing on Through empty shoresWondering what's my purposewondering how to make me strongI know I will falter , I know I will cryI know you be standing by my sideIt's long long journeyAnd I need to be close to you
Sometimes it feels no one understandI don't even know why I do the things I dowhen prides bulids me up till I can't see my soulWill you break down this walls and pull me through
Cause it's a long long journeytill I feel that I'm worth the priceYou paid for me on calvarybeaneath those stromy skies
When satan mocks and friends turn to foesIt feels like everthing is out to make me lose controlCause it's a long long journeyTill i find my way home to you...to you