My Heart's With You

I know you're leavingI won't ask you to stayI won't hold you backI won't stand in your wayIf that's what you've gotta doI understandIt's not that easy setting you freeBut that's how its gotta beAnd as you're walking awayAs I'm watching you goThere's one thing I want you to know

CHORUSJust remember my heart's with youWhen the night gets so long and coldAnd no one's there to holdAnd you're all aloneTake a moment to think of meAnd the love that we used to knowAnd if you ever find you ever need me somedayI'm just a heartbeat away, wo

Saying goodbye isn't saying we're throughJust know through it all I'm still here for youLight a light in the windowWhen you're lost in the dark, oohThese arms would be happy to hold you againIf ever you miss me or when youStart thinking aboutAll the nights that we sharedDarling you know I'll be there

CHORUS (without last line)

You walk to the door with nothing to sayI look in your eyes and you look awayYou're leaving me now, but darling I hopeHope-that you'll look back someday

(and remember my heart's with you...)