Lonely Is The Night

Really thought that I could live without youReally thought that I could make it on my ownSent you away yeah I said I didn't need youI let you go I let you go I let you goNow I'm so lost without youNow you're not here and now I know

CHORUSLonely is the night when I'm not with youLonely is the night ain't no light shining throughTill you're in my arms till you're here by my sideLonely am I

Never thought that I that I would need youNever thought that I that I'd be missing youGotta get you backI just got to find a way nowTo let you know to let you know to let you knowThat I'm so lost without youAnd now this world it just ain't right


I can make it through the dayI can fake it okayI just smile and pretendAnd I tell myself I'll be alright

But lonely is the nightLonely is the night