Never Be Replaced
oleh: 1st Lady

[Chorus x2]Baby I love youAnd I`ll never let you goBut if I had to Boy I think that you should knowAll the love we madeCan never be erasedAnd I promise you thatYou never be replaced
[Break]I love youYes I doI`ll be with youAs long as you want me toUntil the endOf time
From the day I met youI knew we`d be togetherAnd now I know thatI wanna be with you foreverI wanna marry youAnd I wanna have your kidThinkin` never compare to theFeelin` of your kissesI can say I`m truly happy to this dayYou make me thank God That I live my life everydayThere`s never been a doubtIn my mindThat I regretEver having you by my sideBut if the day comesThat I have to let you goI think there`s somethingI should probably let you knowBoy everydayThat I spend with youAnd I will miss you causeI`m happy that I had you at all
[Chorus x2]I love you Boy yes I doI`ll be with youAs long as you want me toUntilThe endOf Time